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Cambridge IGCSE® Chemistry Revision Guide

Available from: October 2015 The Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Revision Guide supports students through their course, containing specifically designed features to help students apply their knowledge as they prepare for assessment. Cambridge IGCSE® Chemistry Revision Guide offers students support as they prepare for their Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (0620) exams. Containing up-to-date material that matches the syllabus for examination from 2016 and...
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Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Teacher’s CD

ISBN: 9781444196290 Published: 31/07/2015 Summary Save valuable time and support your teaching with a selection ready-made resources and an easy-to-use scheme of work. What's included? - A Scheme of Work - Answers to questions in the textbook, Workbook and Laboratory Practical Book - A range of practical activities - Languages development tasks including crosswords, concept maps and comprehension exercises -...
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Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Laboratory Practical Book

ISBN: 9781444192209 Published: 31/07/2015 Extent: 240 pages Summary Improve your students' scientific skills and report writing with achievable experiments and simple structured guidance. This Laboratory Practical Book supports the teaching and learning of the practical assessment element of the Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Syllabus. Using this book, students will interpret and evaluate experimental observations and data. They will also plan investigations,...
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Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry Workbook 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781471807251 Published: 27/02/2015 Extent: 96 pages Summary With a wealth of questions, this book gives your students the practice they need to deepen their understanding of the syllabus content and achieve exam success. - The perfect resource to use throughout the course to ensure you learn the topics and practice the syllabus content. - Contains a wealth of levelled...
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Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 3rd Edition Student eTextbook

ISBN: 9781471840524 Published: 31/10/2014 Subscription options MORE ABOUT FREE TRIALSMORE ABOUT SUBSCRIPTIONS 30 DAY TRIAL:FREE 1 YEAR ACCESS Price: 21,00 euros PER STUDENT 2 YEAR ACCESS Price: 32,00 euros PER STUDENT  Summary Student eTextbooks are downloadable versions of the printed textbook that teachers can assign to students so they can: - Download and view on any device or browser - Add,...
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Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 3rd Edition plus CD

Cambridge Assessment International Education Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education ISBN: 9781444176445 Published: 25/07/2014 Extent: 312 pages Summary Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus. The bestselling title, developed by International experts - now updated to offer comprehensive coverage of the core and extended topics in the latest syllabus. - Includes a student's CD-ROM featuring interactive...
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