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Frederick Douglass : Prophet of Freedom

The 2019 Pulitzer Prize Winner in  History Author: David W. Blight Published:1 Feb 2019 Description **Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in History** "Extraordinary...a great American biography" (The New Yorker) of the most important African-American of the nineteenth century: Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave who became the greatest orator of his day and one of the leading abolitionists and writers of...
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The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke

The 2019 Pulitzer Prize Winner in  Biography Author: Jeffrey C. Stewart Published:15 Feb 2018 Description A tiny, fastidiously dressed man emerged from Black Philadelphia around the turn of the twentieth century to mentor a generation of young artists like Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and Jacob Lawrence and call them the New Negro-the gender ambiguous, transformative, artistic African Americans whose...
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Amity and Prosperity : One Family and the Fracturing of America

The 2019 Pulitzer Prize Winner in  General Non Fiction Author: Elisa Griswold Published:22 Jun 2018 Description In Amity and Prosperity, the prize winning poet and journalist Eliza Griswold exposes the tattered edges of the social fabric in rural America. In a work rich with narrative suspense, she explores the volatile personalities and politics of a small Allegheny town that has...
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Be With

The 2019 Pulitzer Prize Winner in  Poetry Published:28 Aug 2018  
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The 2019 Pulitzer Prize Winner in  Drama Author: Jackie Sibblies Drury Published:28 Nov 2019 Description It's Grandma's birthday and the Frasier family have gathered to celebrate. Beverly just wants everything to run smoothly, but Tyrone has missed his flight, Keisha is freaking out about college and Grandma has locked herself in the bathroom. But something isn't right. Who is watching...
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The Overstory

The 2019 Pulitzer Prize Winner in  Fiction Author: Richard Powers Published:11 Apr 2019 Description WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE FOR FICTION 2019SHORTLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2018THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA wondrous, exhilarating novel about nine strangers brought together by an unfolding natural catastrophe'Really, just one of the best novels, period' Ann Patchett 'The best book I've read in...