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The Art of Business Wars

Published:15 Apr 2021 In this gripping study of triumph and disaster, you'll discover the real-life love spat between the co-founders of Tinder which led to the creation of its competitor Bumble, the battle of the fast fashion giants H&M and Zara where speed is everything, how Wrigley almost bit off more than it could chew, and Nintendo leveled up in...
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Billion Dollar Loser

Published:20 Oct 2020 Description **The Sunday Times Best Business Book of the Year 2020** 'A satisfying ticktock of the company's rapid rise and crash, culminating in its disastrous I.P.O. in 2019 and Neumann's ouster.' New York Times 'This absorbing book exposes the sheer madness of WeWork: not just its founder Adam Neumann's extreme hubris, but why so many wiser minds bought into...