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Storm and Silence : 1

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The Other Half of Augusta Hope

Finalist of the 2019 Costa First Novel Award Author: Loanna Glen Published:26 Dec 2019 Description 'A therapeutic dose of high-strength emotion' GUARDIAN 'A joy...the humour and pathos in their stories lends real heart and soul' OBSERVER Augusta Hope has never felt like she fits in. At six, she's memorising the dictionary. At seven, she's correcting her teachers. At eight, she...
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From renowned theoretical physicist, broadcaster and author Jim Al-Khalili, comes this thrilling debut novel drawing on cutting-edge science and set in a near-future full of dazzling technologies. 2041 and the world as we know it grinds to a halt. Our planet seems to be turning against itself - it would appear that the magnetic field, that protects life on Earth...
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The Oracle

The husband-and-wife treasure-hunting team of Sam and Remi Fargo return in a new adventure as they search for an ancient scroll--which carries a deadly curse--in this thrilling addition to Clive Cussler's bestselling series. In 533 A.D., the last Vandal ruler in North Africa consults an oracle on how to defeat the invading Byzantine army. The oracle tells the king that...
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The Odyssey

Published: 4 Sep 1997 Description The epic journey of Odysseus, the hero of Ancient Greece... After ten years of war, Odysseus turns his back on Troy and sets sail for home. But his voyage takes another ten years and he must face many dangers - Polyphemus the greedy one-eyed giant, Scylla the six-headed sea monster and even the wrath of...
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Storm and Silence

Published: 19 Mar 2016