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My Letters and Sounds Phonics Practice Pupil Book 6

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Suitable for: Key Stage 1 level for ages 5 to 6

Pages: 56

Product description for teachers and tutors

Schofield & Sims My Letters and Sounds is a comprehensive programme for teaching systematic synthetic phonics.

The My Letters and Sounds Phonics Practice Pupil Books can be used in conjunction with the My Letters and Sounds Teacher’s Handbooks to help support and embed learning. Designed for use at home or at school, they provide practice in the key phonic skills of grapheme recognition and recall, blending to read and segmenting to spell, and build children’s confidence in reading and writing captions and sentences.

Phonics Practice Pupil Book 6 reinforces the content from Phase Five, Term 2 of My Letters and Sounds. In this book, your child will learn alternative pronunciations of known graphemes. For example, children learn that the grapheme ‘a’ can be pronounced /ai/ as in ‘paper’, as well as /a/ as in ‘apple’, the sound that they learnt for this grapheme in Reception. By the end of this book, children will have learnt the main grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs) required for the Phonics Screening Check.

With a page or double-page spread for every new learning point in My Letters and Sounds, the book provides highly targeted practice and integrated revision of recently learnt GPCs and tricky words.

Each book provides:

  • targeted practice of each new learning point from My Letters and Sounds
  • integrated revision of previous learning
  • enjoyable, age-appropriate activities
  • a helpful glossary of key phonic terms.

Detailed information on when new phonics content and skills is taught in My Letters and Sounds Phases Two to Five can be found in the My Letters and Sounds Progression Chart.

Dimensions: 21 x 0.3 x 29.7 cm

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