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Telling the Time Book 2

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Suitable for: Key Stage 1 level for ages 6 to 7


Product description for parents

Telling the time is a vital life skill. Schofield & Sims Telling the Time breaks this difficult topic down into a sequence of manageable ideas that young learners can approach at their own pace. Beginning with child-friendly explanations of times of day and units of time, the series moves on to introduce telling the time on an analogue clock, before progressing to cover a wide range of related topics, including different ways of measuring and representing time, time expressions and everyday time problems.

Each Telling the Time book provides:

  • large, clear clock faces for easy counting
  • colour-coded hands to aid recognition of hours and minutes
  • Learn panels that explain time-telling in simple steps
  • fun general-knowledge facts to enrich learning
  • targeted practice, including counting activities, matching exercises and drawing the hands on the clock
  • answers to all the practice questions in the book.

Telling the Time Book 2 supports the National Curriculum requirements for Year 2 and covers the following topic areas:

  • counting in fives
  • telling the time to five minutes
  • units of time (minutes, hours, days)
  • ordering and comparing intervals of time
  • digital time
  • comparing analogue and digital clocks
  • problem-solving using time.


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