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Theory of Knowledge 2013 ed

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The only DP TOK resource developed with the IB

Eileen Dombrowski, Lena Rotenberg, and Mimi Bick

Suitable for: IB Theory of Knowledge students (aged 16-18)
Publication date: 21/03/2013
Paperback: 448 pages
Dimensions: 276x219mm

Build confident critical thinkers who can process and articulate complex ideas in relevant, real-life contexts. The inquiry-based approach drives independent thought and helps learners explore ideas, questions and perspectives, equipping them with a higher level of critical awareness. Developed directly with the IB for the current syllabus.


Help learners confidently process, analyze and articulate complex ideas through an inquiry-based approach
Enable reflective, critical discussion via classroom activities that provide a rich basis for guided inquiry
Encourage open-minded, analytical perspectives through a methodology firmly grounded in questioning
Develop transferable critical thinking skills and enable skills application to the areas of knowledge and the wider world
Support balanced comprehension of both the AOKs and the WOKs for a holistic understanding of how knowledge is created
Navigate the current syllabus with a clear and logical learning pathway that takes you right from the course aims through to the assessment tasks
Drive truly international awareness, with an overall treatment that considers ideas and perspectives from across the globe and their implications for action
Developed directly with the IB and written by a specialist in inquiry-based learning, most closely supporting the IB approach to TOK
Supporting Skills & Practice book builds all the essential foundations, enabling confidence right from the start

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