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Maths Studies SL

Fabio Cirrito IBID PRESS has had 15 years of experience in providing resources for students and teachers undertaking IB Maths courses.This 4th Edition has been revised for the new course starting September 2012. The material has been re-edited, with contributions made by workshop leaders, past and current examiners and experienced IB Mathematics teachers. Presentation has been enhanced to include full...
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3rd Edition - Author: Talbot, Peeters Ween, Mayrhofer This is an extensively reworked, revised and expanded edition of the popular IBID text - Biology - with content aligned to the 2007 syllabus. In addition to the major author Minka Peeters Weem, it contains contributions from two new co-authors, Antony Mayrhofer and Christopher Talbot. The 3rd edition of the text features...
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Biology 4th Edition

4th Edition Author: Minka Peeters Weem This 4th edition features: • Coverage of the entire course (SL, HL and all Options) • Presentation according to the specific ‘Understandings’ for each Topic and sub-Topic • Specific reference to relevant: * 'Theory of knowledge’ links * 'Applications and Skills’ * ‘Nature of Science’ statements • Revision Questions for each chapter • An...
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Business and Management

2nd Edition - Author: Paul Hoang
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English B

3rd Edition Elfreda Hedger This is the third edition of the popular IB Diploma English B textbook. Here, students and teachers will find a variety of culturally-diverse literary and non-literary resources. The material is stimulating, relevant and interesting. Intended to foster students' learning as inquirers and communicators, it will also encourage open-mindedness and further intercultural understanding. The assessment tasks are...
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History – World War 1

Author: Giles Pope Through a wealth of primary and secondary source material, this account of the origins of the First World War allows the reader to gain an in-depth understanding of one of the most complex topics in the IB History syllabus. Sources are contextualized by commentaries and each Unit is concluded by exercises and activities which target the source...
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Business and management

3rd Edition Author: Paul Hoang This is the third edition of Paul Hoang’s bestselling textbook, covering the new IB Diploma specifications in Business Management (first exams May 2016) in a critical and holistic way. The content has been revised and updated throughout to match the new course. Full colour. Addressing the new course. Over 200 exam-style questions. Over 500 key...
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History of the Americas

Author: Pope, Engelfriet, Benson
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Psychology Research Units

Ulf Persson Experienced IB Psychology teacher Ulf Persson presents a compilation of abstracts from key research papers that will present the ideal supplementary resource for teachers of the Diploma Psychology courses The resource is presented as an electronic master. Purchase entitles schools to copy all or part of the product for distribution within their institution. The resource is approximately 240...
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Mr Ulf Persson, Mrs Sukanya Mazumder This newly published psychology (HL & SL) text addresses the current course. It has been written to help students describe, discuss and evaluate psychological issues and research. The authors, Ulf and Sukanya have taught the subject for many years and bring extensive experience to their writing. Both have also been involved in the marking...
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Mind Explosion

Verity Aylward This book is about students of all abilities achieving of their very best in examinations. It: * challenges the way a student may have been conditioned to think about exam preparation and revision. * helps unblock any limiting beliefs that prevent a student from applying themselves properly. * shows the student how to create the conditions for effective...
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Math HL Option Sets, Relations & Groups

Györgyi Bruder & William Larson This book covers Option Topic 8: Sets, Relations and Groups from the IB Mathematics HL syllabus.The book follows the new Maths HL Syllabus which started teaching in 2012. The book includes many explanations supported by examples and diagrams. It uses language specifically chosen with the IB student in mind. Within these pages, students will find...