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The Familiar Dark

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Published:3 Feb 2022

‘A high quality, sharply written thriller whose motley cast of deviants and misfits delivers some breathtaking twists on the way to a bleak but very satisfying conclusion. This is the reality of motherhood – red in tooth and claw’ Sarah J Naughton, bestselling author of The Festival’An achingly raw, emotional story that was beautifully written. From the heartbreaking beginning to the shocking conclusion, it was a journey so powerful that it’ll stay with me for a long time to come’ Alice Hunter, bestselling author of The Serial Killer’s Wife’Raw, powerful, beautiful – devastatingly good’ TM Logan, bestselling author of The Holiday’Beautiful and harrowing and everything in between’ Chris Whitaker, award-winning author of We Begin at the EndSometimes it’s better not to ask questions.

Sometimes it’s better not to know. Eve Taggert’s life has been spent steadily climbing away from her roots. Her mother, a hard and cruel woman who dragged her up in a rundown trailer park, was not who she wanted to be to her own daughter, Junie.

But 12-year old Junie is now dead. Found next to the body of her best friend in the park of their small, broken town. Eve has nothing left but who she used to be.

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